Working towards carbon neutral production

Our aim is to operate a 100% carbon neutral and environmentally efficient
service for our customers

Our Aim

Our aim is to operate a 100% carbon neutral and environmentally efficient service for our customers. We plan to achieve this through a combination of investment in efficient machinery, effective environmental management systems, waste capture and recycling and the use of sustainable power generation.

Extrusion Presses

Smart have invested in state of the art extrusion equipment. We operate one 8” 2,200 tonne and one 8” 2,500 tonne extrusion press with a total capacity of 20,000 tonnes of extrusion per annum. Our extrusion presses utilise state of the art manufacturing software to minimise production waste, whilst maximising the efficient use of aluminium billets. 100% of waste aluminium from the extrusion process is captured and recycled into aluminium billets ready for production.

  • Reducing Energy Consumption We have invested in state of the art extrusion presses that recycle heat generated in the aging furnace to pre-heat extrusion dies. This significantly reduces the power requirements of the equipment.
  • Recycled Aluminium Billet Up to 30% of the aluminium used in our profiles is extruded from recycled aluminium billets.


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Powder Coat Paint Line

Our horizontal powder coating paint line is the most advanced of its kind in the UK with a production capacity of 200sq/m per hour. We are able to offer a range of standard and non-standard finishes including RAL, metallic and our own Sensations range of textured finishes.

  • Chromate Free Pre-treatment Our pre-treatment process is alkaline based and 100% chromate free.
  • Rainwater Capture and Filtration Our rainwater capture system holds 220,000g of rainwater. The filtration treatment process cleans the water for use in the pre-treatment process. The water is then filtered again following use, and when released into the environment is cleaner than the mains drinking water.
  • Recycling of Ionized Water We continually recycle and reuse the ionized water used in the pre-treatment process.
  • Capture of 98% Powder Used in Powder Booth Advanced technology used in the powder booth captures 98% of excess powder sprayed in the coating process. The powder is then reused in the coating process.
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Waste Capture

As an ISO 14001 company, we take the recycling and reduction of waste material very seriously. It is our policy to undertake a regular review process to monitor and identify possible sources of waste material and then put into place systems to capture and recycle where possible.

Smart operates an extensive waste capture & recycling policy for the following materials used in production and packaging:

  • Aluminium
  • Plastics
  • Cardboard
  • Batteries
  • Polythene
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Paper
  • PVCu
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