Bespoke extrusion

State of the art facilities ensures that we can extrude, finish and deliver almost any design you require  

Creating your extrusions

As a result of our expansion programme, we now operate three modern extrusion presses – 1 x 8”, 2,200 tonne extrusion press and 1 x 8”, 2,500 tonne press and 1 x 6”, 1,500 tonne press – which combine to deliver a total annual extrusion capacity of over 30,000 tonnes.

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This capability enables us to extrude a wide range of profiles to meet our customers’ exact requirements, within the following parameters:

  • Maximum length:    14,600mm
  • Maximum height:    200mm
  • Maximum width:     240mm
  • Maximum weight:   8.000 kg/m
  • Minimum weight:    0.250 kg/m

The precise specifications of the extrusion may vary depending on the particular design. Our experienced sales and technical support teams are always available to offer advice, and to respond to specific queries.

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Environmentally efficient production

All our extrusion presses utilise the latest manufacturing software to minimise production waste - whilst maximising the efficient use of aluminium billets. 100% of the waste aluminium from the extrusion process is captured and then recycled into aluminium billets for future production and as a result, up to 30% of the aluminium used in our profiles is extruded from recycled billets.

Heat generated during the extrusion process is also recycled through the aging furnaces - which are used to pre-heat the extrusion dies - significantly reducing the power requirements of the equipment.


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